California Trucking Association (CTA)


Carrier's Choice

MBA has the ability to leverage your purchasing power!

If you are you looking for an affordable health insurance solution for your employees and their families? MBA's Carrier’s Choice program offers health, dental, vision and life insurance.

Carrier’s Choice is only available to CTA members and their families. Each member that participates in the CTA Health Insurance program will gain the purchasing power of a large organization or group.


Eligibility Criteria

Carriers' Choice Insurance is available to all employers and qualified dependents of CTA carrier and allied member organizations who are engaged in the use, repair, and sales related to the transportation of goods and services.


About The Program

  • Carrier’s Choice is available exclusively to CTA members
  • Fully insured HMO and PPO medical plans, as well as dental, vision and life plans
  • 3 or more participants are required for company eligibility
  • Carve-Out groups are acceptable
  • Guarantee Issue - No medical underwriting
  • Composite rates - Premiums are not based on age band rating or Risk Adjustment Factors
  • The CTA Health and Welfare Trust is the policy holder. As a participant you have shifted your legal liabilities to the Trust and the Third Party Administrator