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Your dedication to improving the health and well-being of people in your community presents certain challenges that affect the ability to provide services to this vulnerable part of the population. Medical malpractice premiums continue to increase and several health insurers will not offer quotes to agencies with a residential operation. Clinics also face specific workplace injuries such as needle sticks and instrument handling. Additionally, the Federal government program for federally qualified clinics does not cover prior acts, volunteers or other exposures. High employee turnover coupled with thin HR departments have led to increased unemployment as well as wrongful-termination and discrimination claims. Further, Worker’s Compensation rates for the 8834-Physicians class began to climb since 2008 and strict professional liability policies and HIPAA requirements can leave Centers open to additional claims.

Program Eligibility

Our comprehensive  community clinic insurance program covers , medical malpractice,  general and professional liability, property, auto, crime and umbrella.  Additional items key to the community clinics are:

  • Our “Wrap-around” insurance coverage fills in the gaps in the coverage provided by the federal government to federally qualified clinics
  • We created a Workers’ Compensation program exclusively for community clinics that allows members to share in the underwriting profits, but not in the losses
  • We have access to loss control and safety education staff focused exclusively on the needs of community clinics
  • HIPAA coverage that can be added to your Directors & Officers policy

Submission Requirements

  • Brochure or Website
  • Application (we will work off another carrier's application or our own)
  • 5 years currently valued company loss runs with expiring premiums
  • ACORDs or Coverage Requirements
  • Audited Financials or 1120 Income Tax Returns (if For-Profit)
  • Drivers list

Additional Requirements for Start-Ups:

  • Financials or Pro-Forma Statement
  • Resume for Executive Director (showing 3-5 years experience)
  • Business Plan

Required Applications:

  • General Application
  • Statement of Values

Package Supplements: Please complete the appropriate supplement below and include the Sexual Abuse Supplement

  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Medical/Physical Rehabilitation
  • Non-Owned Auto
  • Sexual Abuse Supplement*